How do you create videos related to financial services that are engaging and communicate your message? It’s a balancing act between different demands and industry regulations restricting your choices. That’s why your financial marketing strategy must be carefully planned out.

While some financial companies are still focusing on tired blogs or paid ads, savvy firms build trust by using video marketing to reach their target audiences in their financial services marketing strategies.

Video is a powerful way to drive traffic, brand awareness, and lead generation, as well as increase sales for your business — 70% of marketers agree that video is their highest converting medium!

You might think that cost, quality, and the amount of work involved would be barriers to including video in your marketing strategy, but that isn’t the case. Instead, advances in tech mean that it’s never been easier, and more affordable, to create high-quality, professional videos in-house. (Check out our handy guide to B2B video marketing to learn how!)

But don’t just take our word for it; see how accounting firm Bennett Thrasher expanded its marketing and internal communication strategy with digital video content.

Video assists your prospective clients in understanding and seeing the value in your products and services. They also simplify the message and make the material from your financial services company more approachable to people unfamiliar with the sector.

However, financial content marketing needs to go one step further. By producing videos that feature your people and the philosophies behind your firm, you can stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

Here are six ways you can use video as part of your content marketing strategy in financial services:

1. Humanize your finance firm by showing causes you support

Video is the perfect medium to help humanize your brand. By highlighting the human aspect of your company, you endear yourself to potential clients. In addition, by sharing visual stories about your firm’s employees and the causes they support, you will attract like-minded people who may choose your financial services firm to do business with as they share your values.

Horizon Credit Union held their third annual Go. Give. Grow Day in 2020 and created a video showcasing how their team could give back to their local communities by visiting 25 assisted living facilities throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon, despite the pandemic.

As many older people were socially isolated during this period, Horizon Credit Union’s community efforts spread sunshine to these residents and made a huge difference to people spending the holidays alone.