Let’s take a look at the below stats:

78.4 % internet users watch online videos.

Video in social media marketing increases sharing by 10 times.

In the US, 70% ad agencies believe video ads are as or more effective than TV or other forms of marketing.

However crazy as it may sound, a video is the most powerful form of marketing being adopted widely by small business owners. A video engages your target audience in an entertaining manner to educate them about your product/ service. Great video content is no longer a privilege enjoyed by big corporate houses; even small business owners have the potential to create incredible video content. Business owners and marketers are constantly fighting for the attention of their target audience and video is a great way to cut through the clutter.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons why small business owners must consider video marketing:


1. Helps your customers to understand your product/service better - Trying to convince a prospect to purchase from you without a direct interaction is tough. A well crafted video helps you to educate your prospect about your offering without being too pushy. Your business as well its offering will be explained in brief along with the USP thus convincing your target audience of reliability and trust.


2. Helps improve brand recall & awareness - Do you know that 80% of the people remember the video ads they see online? But would you have similar stats for a blog or social media post? No! The marketplace is a clutter, we need to offer something unique to be distinguished. Get yourself in the forefront of your target audience by offering creative videos, this will improve brand recall and awareness.


3. Attract & Engage with your target audience - The attention span of your target audience is very limited as it’s a cluttered and noisy marketplace. It’s important to create a deep impact on your target audience with well crafted content focused on attracting and further engaging with them. A video is a great tool to attract your prospects and inciting a response from them.


4. Widespread Reach - We all love videos, regardless of age and gender. Most of the online marketing methods have to be tailored based on the age demographic we need to target. But with video marketing, you don’t have to change your marketing strategy to cater to a particular age demographic as it is appreciated by younger as well as older target audiences.


5. Improve engagement with mobile audience - Desktop users tend to only stick with a video for about two minutes or less. Mobile users, on the other hand, have an attention span of 2.4 to 5 minutes, depending on the device. Thus, for small business owners, it's important to keep a mobile first mentality. The best way to entice a prospect is when he/she is actively looking for a nearby business in your industry.


6. Improve CTR rate in emails - Do you know that personalized videos can increase email conversions by 500% ? Introducing videos in email campaigns help to improve click through rates, thus, improving the conversion rate. There’s no need to put lot of content and graphics with special effects in your video. A simple video will work wonders if crafted intelligently.


7. Create unique yet personalized experiences for customers - It is essential for you as a business owner to ensure that your marketing campaigns are in sync with your brand image. It’s not possible for you or your marketing team to interact directly with the customer always. Then how will you offer unique and personalized experiences for your customers? A video will take care of that.


8. Improve search engine rankings - Do you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. And, YouTube is owned by Google- that should give you enough reason to create and upload stunning videos about your business. No brownie points for guessing that this will help improve search engine rankings. Ensure to do video SEO before uploading the video content for attracting relevant traffic.


9. Offer educational content - Do not make videos with the agenda of selling only. Else, you may come across as pushy. Try educating your customers on related topics, events through the video. By educating your customers, you not only offer helpful information but also build trust for a long-lasting relationship.


10. Build brand loyalty - Video marketing enables brand building by building trust in your target audience. A great video will attract prospects and ensure improved conversions. Not only will it help you gain in the long run but also help your business scale to new heights through lead and revenue generation

So, by now you would be convinced that video is the next big thing in the marketing world! Put on your thinking caps and get going with your first video!

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