According to a case study by Marketing Sherpa, buyer personas added the following values:

900% increase in length of visit.

171% increase in marketing generated revenue.

111% increase in email open-rate.

100% increase in the number of pages visited.


In our last blog, we discussed how to create a perfect buyer persona?

As marketers, we spend a lot of time reading, researching and discussing about our buyer personas- semi fictional representation of our ideal customer. And that’s because buyers are better informed than ever before, thanks to the mighty internet! We now need to delve deeper and engage with them to gain a better perspective of their needs and goals. Only then, we will be able to offer customized solutions to their problems.

Detailed buyer personas help businesses to understand their target audience better.  This means that you can now create and distribute unique yet relevant content for your prospects and customers with better clarity. You can create a content repository by utilizing details of your buyer personas like- what are their goals, what challenges are they facing, where do they go to find solutions, what do they search online and so much more! Once the content repository is created, you can carefully craft your content strategy and editorial calendar around your buyer personas and the stage of their buying journey


Let’s look at some of the benefits of creating detailed buyer personas:

1. Generate Qualified Leads -

What’s a marketer’s worst nightmare? Not generating enough leads! No, wait- it’s not generating enough quality leads, because we don’t just want any lead, we want potential leads. We need to adopt a smart approach of creating and distributing well-optimized content around the topics, which concerns our buyer personas. We have to attract strangers by offering irresistible content offers and convert them to visitors (turning them finally into leads & ultimately into paying customers).

2. Create Synergy Between Sales and Marketing Teams -

Often in B2B businesses, we see a lack of synergy in sales and marketing teams. These teams act as separate entities and view revenue generation and customer services in different lights. By having detailed buyer personas, sales and marketing teams “come on the same page” when it’s about leads/customers and customer service, thus, ensuring shared business objectives.

3. Improve Lead Segmentation -

Tons of emails and newsletters will only spam your prospect’s emails, eventually annoying them and yielding no real results. Why not adopt a smart approach of segmenting your database with the help of buyer personas. Segment your database on the basis of separate buyer personas (every business has varying number of buyer personas depending on the business type). This allows you to send customized newsletters to different target groups, leading to higher chances of conversion.

4. Boost inbound results –

Companies who have adopted the inbound way of marketing have seen rapid improvement in organic traffic. That’ because inbound marketing is customer centric and is focused on providing solutions to the prospect’s problems. The solutions are crafted by keeping the buyer personas in mind, which leads to improved engagement and prospect interaction, yielding ROI in the long run.

 5. Craft Content Strategy -

Creating remarkable content is a top most priority, but smart marketers create remarkable content customized for their buyer personas. Each business has several buyer personas and each buyer persona would respond to different content offers, depending on the solutions that they are searching for. While some may love to read blogs and case studies, others would prefer podcasts or videos. So, it is essential to generate different content formats to suit each stage of buyer’s journey, enabling the prospect to move deeper into the sales funnel.

 Remember, buyer persona is the epicenter of your inbound marketing campaign. Hence, the better buyer personas you create, better will be your inbound marketing results!


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