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“91% of marketers said a tool that enables their teams to review, analyze, and act on customer and marketing data in a continuous and real-time fashion would be valuable for their organizations.”

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Implementing the right CRM software is of primary importance for business owners globally. And, why not? Everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your relationships with leads and customers come handy with a CRM system. The main objective of implementing a CRM is to eliminate wasted time and effort so you can grow traffic, convert more leads, and win more customers with ease. It is important to manage the sales pipeline automatically with complete visibility across sales & marketing teams.

Vtiger is a widely popular CRM platform used by businesses to improve customer relationships and drive revenues. On the other hand, HubSpot has gained immense popularity recently due to its unique features for improved sales and marketing team alignment leading to improved conversions and revenues..

Let’s take a look at both the CRM platforms in detail: 

1. Contact Management

Vtiger allows you to see the complete history of all interactions with your prospect or customer. You can see the contact records, notes, emails or even files sent to them. This enables your team member to take quick action when the need arises. Also, get alerts on idle contacts to initiate conversations.


contact management vtiger.png  


HubSpot also allows you to see all the information about your prospect/customer at one place. It offers an edge by allowing you to have access to which content was consumed by the client, thus, enabling you the choice of personalization of content for future interaction. Offering personalized helpful content helps to build trust with the prospect. Also, having all the information at one place allows seamless transition of workflow in case a new team member steps in.


contact management hubspot.png


2. Pipeline Management

Vtiger enables you to have a look at all the deals at one place with real time tracking which offers insights like related contacts, expected deal value and close date etc. This helps you focus on the more important deals and take necessary action for deal closure. You can also attach notes and collaborative conversations on how to close each deal. Also get automated alerts if a certain prospect is stuck on a particular stage of the sales cycle for too long.


pipeline managment vtiger.png


On the other hand, HubSpot offers up-to-the-minute view of the entire sales funnel on the dashboard. You can sort the deals based on contacts, deal stage, amount or any other custom filters. Track the update of each deal and its performance against the benchmark set. This improves sales and marketing alignment for increased business productivity.


pipeline managment hubspot.png


3. Emailing Features

Vtiger allows you to send emails with just one click to your contacts from the built templates. You can also attach a document or file from the document management system and also see a contact’s complete communication history. You can also be on top of all your commitments by using the calendar scheduling.


email vtiger.png 


HubSpot scores brownie points when it’s about emailing features. Email sequences is an innovative feature where you can schedule automated yet personalized follow-up emails to prospects till they don’t respond.     


hubspot sequence.png                   


The “Book Meetings”  feature allows you to book an appointment with your prospects as per a mutually decided time.  




Live Messages is another interesting feature where you can display picture of assigned account manager or even personalized content to your prospect. 




4. Reporting & Analytics

Vtiger builds reports and forecasts automatically from your open deals/opportunities to enable effective planning. You can also analyze performance of team member, purchase history, trends and also identify any new possible opportunities. The reports can be exported and you can schedule automated report emails on a daily/weekly basis.  

vtiger reporting.png


                             vtiger forecast.png  


HubSpot offers reporting features with an additional charge. It offers predictive lead scoring which helps you prioritize your approach for each prospect depending on the probability of conversion. Also, get detailed customized reports with business metrics which is essential for sales and marketing teams to plan their strategy for improved conversions. 


5. Pricing

Vtiger offers a 15 day free trial, and then the plans start at about $30 per user, monthly. HubSpot CRM with basic features is FREE forever! But, if you want access to features like book meetings, live chats, emails sequences etc. you’ll have to pay $50 monthly which is for one user. For advanced sales teams their professional package is best suitable which is for $400 and 5 people can use it!


Selection of a CRM vendor is a marriage, not a date. Enterprise buyers must think carefully about the vendor partner they choose and understand the long-term commitment of these decisions. ~ William Band

Choosing the right CRM for your business should be done by taking into consideration various factors like your business type, buyer persona, cost, sales and marketing alignment, reporting etc. The right CRM will help your business reach the desired goals through focused and sustainable efforts. Need to compare other CRMs? Read - HubSpot vs. Infusionsoft: Which CRM is the best for your business?


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