32% of companies listed sales enablement as a top marketing priority over the next 12 months. (HubSpot 2016)

Modern marketers and sales reps are constantly perplexed by innovative concepts in sales & marketing automation and sales enablement is just one of them. And it’s often confused with sales-marketing alignment.

So, what  really is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a tactical, cross-functional discipline designed to improve sales results and efficiency. It provides integrated  content, training and all necessary tools to your salespeople to aid them in the modern sales process and enhance their productivity. Sales enablement allows businesses to bridge the gap between sales strategy and execution, and ensuring that each sales rep and sales manager is equipped with the tools, knowledge and resources to execute effectively.

But, isn’t this what sales-marketing alignment is supposed to do?

Sales-marketing alignment is an essential concept that ensures to upkeep the organization’s vision of improved business and revenues by collaborating both sales and marketing teams. Marketing team must have clarity in terms of what kind of audience is most relevant to the business and will convert to qualified leads, so, they can craft a strategy best suited for the purpose. Whereas, sales teams can work on qualifying those leads which have a higher probability of conversion. Integrating a closed-loop reporting will ensure that marketing and sales reps both know what strategy to devise in order to achieve the business objectives and maximize revenues.

As you can see, sales and marketing alignment is all about sales and marketing working together with a unified objective of generating revenues and accomplishing business goals.  Whereas, Sales enablement is all about improving the experience your sales reps provides to their prospects. This will not only improve lead conversions but also significantly improve buyer engagement.

With digital sales enablement, you can manage leads coming in through their source of origin - have they downloaded a case study, ebook, asked for more information or have they come directly through a search? Being able to track which content is converting prospects is invaluable for planning what to write next. After all, you need to know what your target market wants to engage with. Offering relevant content in terms of relevant website pages, blogs, emails, ebooks and even promotional films is critical for the success of every business strategy. It not only guides the prospect further into the sales funnel but also helps in building trust for long-term relationships.

HubSpot provides some really good sales enablement marketing tools and sales enablement technology which aid the sales enablement strategy and process by engaging and tracking the prospects better.

Content-based sales enablement practitioners are 64% more effective at maintaining consistent, relevant, personalized communications, compared to non-practitioners (61% and 37%). (Aberdeen 2016)

You can also analyze the performance of your B2B sales automation team’s performance with sales enablement. If you’re generating enough leads and have a high call volume and meeting requests, and still aren’t witnessing high conversions, you can go back and revisit the cycle to track and analyze where your sales team has lagged and encourage necessary action and/or training. With the right insights, sales enablement materials and sales management, you can not only save time and efforts but also boost sales productivity.

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