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Organizations with good sales and marketing alignment achieved 20% annual revenue growth whereas companies who have poor alignment of sales and marketing saw revenues decline by 4 % Source - Airfoil

As a business decision maker, you would be well aware of the importance of sales and marketing alignment in order to achieve total buyer engagement for improved customer relationships. Better alignment between sales and marketing strategies also aids in acquiring customers along with maintaining existing customers. This will show you how to  drive revenues. Here are some of the most effective trends, tools and techiniques for the modern sales process.

But silo team structure, lack of communication and clear business objectives between sales and marketing teams, often lead to poor alignment.

Let’s discuss how we can better align sales and marketing team for achieving a total buyer enagement:

 Let’s first have a look at the different factors that affect customer experience:

  •        Communication between sales and marketing teams
  •        Business goals and objectives of sales and marketing teams
  •        Follow up on prospects and leads by marketing and sales teams
  •        Content and communication sent out to your prospects and customers
  •        Consistency in brand communication
  •        Relevant and timely interaction with prospects and customers


5 Tips to Align Sales and Marketing Internally

  • Improve communication
  • Align and agree on target audience and business goals
  • Plan and discuss regarding content and communication
  • Discuss and demonstrate how each team’s performance will affect business objective

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  • If possible, try to make seating arrangements of sales and marketing teams adjacent to each other


5 Tips to Align Sales and Marketing Externally:

  •        Offer unique content to your prospects and customers
  •        Create detailed buyer personas
  •        Consistent great customer experience
  •        Prompt follow up by both teams for prospects and customers
  •        Open and transparent Communication


Checklist for Improved Alignment Between Sales and Marketing Teams:

Ø  Regular meetings and get-togethers: This will improve bonding and interaction between sales and marketing teams.

Ø  Create a SMART content strategy: Discuss a SMART content strategy along with content team to offer unique content which drives desirable traffic and conversions.

Ø  Make marketers a part of sales calls and discussions: This will help the marketing teams to understand which leads qualify as high quality leads and which don’t, thus helping them work on their campaigns.

Ø  Discuss and agree on MQL and SQL: Define MQL(Marketing Qualified Leads) and SQL(Sales Qualified Leads) clearly and ensure there is clear and uniform understanding of these concepts within the teams.

Ø  Constructive feedback: Develop a positive atmosphere in the workplace where both teams can give each other constructive feedback, all aligned towards a unified business goal and overall improvement.


How Marketing Automation Software can help you achieve a better alignment between sales and marketing strategies?

Using a marketing automation software like HubSpot, will enable you to integrate sales and marketing better. This integration is valuable not only to both your teams but also to you as a business decision maker in terms of unified business objectives. With closed loop reporting, sales team will be able to track which leads are of high potential and interact with them accordingly. And, marketing team can better understand which kind of leads get converted and which don't. It's a win-win situation for both teams!

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