Stuck in the big battle of lead generation v/s lead conversion? It is essential for you to focus on crafting intelligent lead generation mechanisms to generate high quality leads which are relevant to your business rather than generating just any lead.

Companies with mature lead generation and management practices have a 9.3% higher sales quote achievement rate. (CSO Insights)

Using an automated marketing software, enables businesses to closely monitor their sales and marketing teams and helps to understand the lead generation mechanism better. It allows your marketing team to reach out to relevant audience and attract the right audience. Also, it ensures that your sales team has a clear understanding of sales qualified leads out of the large chunk of leads generated.

So, you have the best marketing and sales team and are generating high quality leads. But, are you able to get enough conversions to drive great revenues?  If your answer is NO, you should be alarmed!

No, we don’t intend to scare you but it's better to be safe than sorry!


Below is a list of 5 steps which your marketing and sales team can adopt to ensure a higher conversion rate for the leads generated:

  1.   Harness The Power Of LinkedIn- Surprised that LinkedIn can aid you in lead conversions? With the help of LinkedIn contacts, not only can you generate leads from existing customers but also  ensure future clientele. Also, you can utilise it as a channel for requesting client testimonials from happy customers. Additionally, you can ask for business referrals in your network. Ensure that your team releases enough blog posts during this time to capture the attention of your target audience. You can also try post promotions to relevant buyer person and groups, depending on location.

Action Tip: Dedicate 2 hours daily on LinkedIn activities for your sales and marketing team.


  1.     Utilize Your Old Business Contacts- It's time you pull out those old business cards you have been collecting over the years and enter the details systematically in your CRM. Send that long pending connect email or just say hello over a quick call. Reconnect with all your old business contacts, who knows where you will strike gold!

Action tip : Use Camcard software to import contact information from all your business cards and enter it into your CRM.


  1.    Link Your Email Inbox To Your CRM- Your email inbox is a rich source of contacts and has huge untapped potential. Go through your emails and link the contact information and details to a trusted CRM e.g HubSpot CRM. With HubSpot CRM, you’re able to track the digital activities of your prospects, and see exactly what they are doing and how they’re progressing through your marketing and sales funnel.

 Action tip: Start using any one of the CRM’s and sync your email contacts to improve lead follow ups and monitoring.


  1.     Use An Automated Marketing Software- Encourage your sales and marketing team to start using a marketing automation software. It will not only streamline all their tasks but also enable them to publish blog posts. It will also enable your marketing team to acquire all information about their prospects- which sites they visit, which pages do they spend more time on, which landing pages are they clicking etc.

 Action tip: Conduct a discussion with sales and marketing team and brief them about the automated marketing software. Try a free HubSpot trial with us!


  1.     Attend Regular CRM Training Sessions- It is essential to conduct regular training sessions for your sales and marketing teams to keep them updated about its features. Using the CRM efficiently will help them track and monitor the leads and give better insight into the current status of those leads. Regular training will ensure that both your sales and marketing teams are well versed with all the features of the CRM.

Action tip:  Conduct regular training sessions for sales and marketing teams to train them about the CRM. Also, ensure to make them use the CRM to lock in all prospect interactions.

Remember, converting leads and generating revenues is not as simple as it may sound. You need to be consistently working on nurturing the leads to gradually guide them further into the sales and marketing funnel.

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