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Unless you have leads knocking down your company’s doors, are so overwhelmed by enquiries and have your hands absolutely full, you will want to convert every lead that comes your way quickly into a paying customer. This is what you need to succeed at converting leads into paying customers! And what’s the first step to do that quickly? A quick, superfast PPC proposal.

To win more PPC clients, you need to have an effective way of coming up with your PPC proposal sample. As you know that you can't be using the same PPC proposal template for all prospects, you can have a smart PPC proposal template that can be customized easily.



What Does a Superfast Proposal Convey?

- You are eager for work

- You understand what the customer needs

- You are ready to start right away

A professional superfast proposal is a surefire way of getting an interested lead hooked on to you. If you are a digital marketer offering PPC / Adwords services, use this list of questions to turnaround a proposal really, really fast.


Understanding Your Prospect’s Business:

The first thing you need to understand about the lead is what they want to sell through their PPC campaign & to whom they want to sell it to. Acquire as much information possible about your client, their product/services, target audience, campaign budget etc.

1. What products and/or services do you want to target for your PPC campaign?

2. Who is your target audience?

3. What are five keyword phrases that you would type in if you were searching for your business?

4. Can you provide information related to previous paid search campaigns if any?


Campaign Goals & Objectives:

No two brands, products or campaigns are the same. To define a campaign strategy that will help your prospect reaches their goals, you need to ask them to define what a typical conversion is for them. This will also help you to align your KPI to their desired goals.

5. Define a conversion for you:- Increase Signups

- Get more leads

- Increase sales

- Increase phone call enquiries

- Drive traffic to my site


Understand Their Challenges & Pain Points:

Is your prospect looking for more traffic? Do they have traffic already, but the conversions are minimal? Is this the first time they will try a PPC campaign? Answers to these questions will define the type of campaign you will need to run and the corresponding efforts involved from a delivery perspective.

6. Is there a specific business need / pain point that you wish to solve through this campaign?

7. Have you ever advertised online before this? If yes, please share results and experience, if possible.


Understanding Competition:

Understanding your prospect’s business landscape and competition is an important factor in suggesting a workable solution. Ask them about their competitors and try to find out what they do for their marketing. This will help you and your client to clearly understand and define the Unique Selling Proposition and utilize it in the PPC campaign. It will also help you do your research to make a more effective proposal.

8. What are the names of your three biggest competitors?

9. How do they differ from your competitors?

10. Why do you feel they compete with your business?


Budget & Timelines:

By getting a clear idea about the budget, you can make a campaign strategy that suits your lead the best. In PPC, the amount spent on the campaign depends on the campaign objective so you will have to align the client's budget to their objective.  Importantly, timelines need to be discussed and agreed upon in the beginning to set realistic expectations. you don’t want to promise the moon and end up with a lot of disappointment further down the road.

At times, it may be difficult for prospects to give you their budget, not because they don’t want to, but because they are not sure. Use your judgement and experience and suggest something that is not too high / neither too low for your prospect’s industry, and helps them start quickly. Campaigns can always be scaled up if they start showing results, right?

11. What is the budget you are planning to allocate to your PPC campaign?

12. What are the timelines you are looking for to reach your desired goals through PPC campaign?


So, before you send your first draft of the PPC proposal, make sure you ask these questions and the relevant information from your lead. Hope you get your answers and are able to put together a winning proposal! You can also use our proven free PPC proposal template to turnaround a really quick proposal.

Need a PPC proposal sample? Here's a PPC proposal template that worked well for us with several prospects for our PPC service. Hope you convert your every lead to a paying customer with the help of our free PPC proposal template!
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