Thinking of running a paid search (PPC) campaign? For a business trying to run a DIY PPC campaign, things can get a little overwhelming at times. There’s just so much to know and refer to online, that it is easy to get lost in the maze of information, get frustrated and give it all up.

Granted that not all businesses can run a DIY PPC campaign, but if you have a little background in setting one up, here are the questions you need to ask yourself and answer before venturing out. Frankly, even if you just want to reach out to a PPC agency to manage things on your behalf, going prepared with these questions would be a good thing to do.

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Coming back to the questions, for ease of understanding, we have divided these questions into different categories. Take out some time and take a shot at answering these!


Paid Search Campaign Questionnaire

Basic Details

First, the absolute basics. Leave these out if you plan to setup on your own, but if you intend to reach out to an agency, these will certainly help.

1. Company Name

2. First Name

3. Last Name

4. Email

5. Phone Number

6. Website

7. Landing Page

8. Campaign Start Date

9. Campaign End Date

10. Do you have images or graphics for this campaign?

11. Preferred Ad Channels:

- Adwords
Bing Ads
Facebook Ads
Linkedin Ads
Twitter Ads
Instagram Ads

 12. Campaign Budget


Campaign Goals & Objectives

Not every campaign is meant to increase sales. Not every campaign is intended to generate leads. It is essential that you have a clear idea of what you wish to achieve from a PPC campaign for your business. Answer the questions below to define your expectations.

13. Have you ever run a PPC campaign before this? If yes, please provide details - performance, dollars spent, results.

14. What are your campaign goals / objectives?
Increase Signups
Get more leads
Increase sales
Increase phone call enquiries
Drive traffic to my site

15. What action do you want your target audience to take on your website?

Fill a form
Download an offer
Refer a friend


Product / Service Details

You may have a basket of products / services to offer. Do you want to promote them all? Or, do you wish to promote few of them? Here are a few questions to help you select which ones you need to promote.

16. What products / services do you offer?

17. What problem does your product / service solve? What is your USP?

18. Which of these are generating the most sales / revenue for you?

19. Is there an element of seasonality in your business? For example, sweaters will sell more in winters than say shorts.

20. Is your product / service category highly competitive? If yes, you may wish to try promoting niche products / services (if any) first?

21. Do you wish to promote all the above products / services? If no, please mention which ones you wish to promote.

22. Based on your answers to the questions above, list down the products / services you wish to promote.


Buyer Personas

Every marketing activity should begin with clearly identifying and profiling your ideal customer. True, this is more an inbound marketing term, but creating buyer personas are relevant for a paid search campaign too. Good definition of your buyers, coupled with your campaign objectives, will help you choose the right channel for your PPC campaign. Spend time on these questions and get them right.

23. Define your target audience in terms of demographics which includes Location, Age, Gender, Income Range & Education.

24. Define your target audience in terms of Roles, Goals & Challenges they face.


Campaign Targeting

Location and keyword targeting are both important aspects of any PPC campaign. Defining these at the outset will help you setup and run a well targeted campaign and help avoid wastage of your ad dollars.

25. Do you wish to target a specific location or multiple locations / states? Please list them below (zip code, city or address with 20 mile radius)

26. If you were to search for your products / services, what keywords would you use to search on a search engine?



If you have a feeling you are too late in the PPC game in comparison with your competitors, think again! It’s never too late to start a PPC campaign. With the right insights on your competitors, you will be able to structure your campaign better and set meaningful expectations.

27. List 3 of your biggest competitors

28. Do you know if they are advertising online?


Follow these steps to start your PPC campaign with confidence.

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