The “buzz” about marketing automation isn't new to self storage business owners. Self storage business owners and marketers are consistently looking out for innovating techniques to improve their business productivity and enhance growth and revenues. Marketers say the biggest benefits of automation are saving time (74%), increased customer engagement (68%), more timely communications (58%), and increased opportunities, including up-selling (58%). Marketing Automation also drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity.

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Let’s take a look at the top 5 ways in which a marketing automation tool will add value to your flourishing self storage business:

Automated Personalized Emails

A good marketing automation tool helps you send automated yet personalized emails to your contacts. You can create filters for your leads based on last page viewed or last date viewed etc to send the emails. You can use pre-designed ready made email templates and select schedules as per which the emails will be sent out.You can also create sequences where depending on an “action taken” by your prospect, a personalized email will be sent

Monitor When Your Prospects’ Activity

Marketing automation tools have a unique feature of monitoring your prospect’s interaction, which enables you to track when they last visited your website. You can also monitor how much time are they spending on each page.It sends automated instant notifications to our marketing manager’s phone and email about prospect activity to keep us updated about their activity. We get notified immediately when our prospect opens our email, downloads an attachment or visits a page.It offers you detailed data of the source of your traffic and website visits. You can receive daily updates and analysis of the sources of the traffic. This ensures you keep a track of the success and failure of your marketing programs.

Lead Nurturing

A good marketing automation tool allows lead nurturing for your leads to ensure you get high conversions. It provides easy to use & effective features like workflows, drip marketing campaigns, lead scoring features for crafting an effective marketing strategy for self storage businesses. This ensures higher conversions, eventually driving revenues for your self storage business.

Reporting and Analysis

A marketing automation tool offers excellent reporting and analysis features that help you track and analyze your marketing campaigns in real time. It includes features like sources, page analytics, landing pages, contacts, attribution reporting etc. Based on the reports generated and analysis, you can continue or make necessary tweaks in your marketing strategy.

Sales- Marketing Alignment

This is crucial for the success of any self storage business. It is vital for your marketing and sales teams to collaborate for the successful streamlining of all business processes. Unless there is synergy between the teams there will be missed opportunities, follow up on irrelevant leads, two people calling the same lead etc. Use the marketing automation tool to access the contacts database and make wise decisions on lead nurturing and follow up.

Nearly two thirds of companies surveyed (63%) expect to realize the benefits of their marketing automation system within six months of implementation.

Wondering which marketing automation tool is ideal for your self storage business? Read here to know how you can carefully evaluate and choose the best marketing automation tool for your self storage business.

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