Conversion tracking in itself is very critical part of Adwords. Conversion tracking is like a feedback loop that connects the conversion action performed back to the origin of it. It allows you to trace the conversion back to the campaign, ad group and keyword that triggered it. All in all, it helps you greatly to optimize your search marketing efforts an push them in the right direction.

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By design conversion tracking is a simple process of adding a piece of code generated by Adwords to the website you want to track the conversions for.  Although it may sound simple, it should be done carefully so that conversion code is placed right where it should be and doesn’t interfere with the main code of your website. We will advise to take help of website developer to prevent any technical error.

Following are few important tips to use the conversion tracking feature in effective way and make the best out of it.


Multiple Conversion Types

It may be the case that your Adwords campaign requires multiple types of conversion goals to be tracked. This is still a case of confusion for many people that can we setup multiple types of conversions for same campaign. The answer is yes! We can set up the conversions based on your acquisition goals and methods and the multiple conversion types do not interfere with each other. Although you will require checking if call tracking is available in your country in case one of your conversions is calls from ads.


Google Analytics Goals Import

Adwords allows linking your Google analytics account. This is very helpful provision as it enables you to not only import the goals from Google Analytics to Adwords. Still, it remains a question to choose to follow goals imported from GA as standard conversion or the ones set up in Adwords. Well, it depends. Google Analytics goals are reported with more delay as compared to Adwords. Also a few features of Adwords will require you to use conversions set up in Adwords as standard conversions instead of those imported from GA. Despite this, it is always advisable to connect your Adwords to Google Analytics as it gives lot of insights of the audience you have targeted.


CRM and Adwords Linking

Many businesses that use Google Adwords for search engine marketing have conversions that are deemed completed when certain action is completed offline. Largely the closure of sales for many businesses happens offline while the lead is generated online. So, how do you connect the online lead with offline sales?  Google brings another magnificent feature called ‘conversion import’ which generates unique gclid (Click ID) whenever a user clicks on the ad and lands on destination page. This glicd should be stored in CRM. When the deal is negotiated offline and closed, such customers are linked back to these gclid and hence back to Adwords. This helps you to optimize your Adwords marketing efforts.


Attribution Window

Another question that haunts the Adwords advertisers is which the best attribution window for the conversions is. It depends on speed of movement of goods and services. If your business offers something which has longer buying cycle, your attribution window is good to be of longer period let’s say 30 days. Adwords allows you to use conversion window of maximum 90 days.


Conversion Delays

If you are running Adwords and comparing the performance to the previous period (last 30 days to 30 days before that) you should know that the conversions are associated with the date of ad’s impression and not the date conversion took place. This is the reason you should see increase in number of conversion for same period, when seen after few days or weeks. This is called delayed conversion recording. These delayed conversions should help you understand and set the conversion window right for your conversion goals.

Also, next time your client asks you why the conversions are down this month compared to last month, tell them about the delayed recording and that you should expect more conversions.


These tips work best when you have properly mapped the conversions to your marketing goals. If you wish to perform a check for your overall conversion setup, get in touch!

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