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Google will soon roll out its mobile-first index feature in the latter part of 2018. It will reward websites which are optimised for mobile devices. As self storage business owners and marketers, you would be aware that optimising your websites for mobile devices will not only enhance your online brand visibility but also help in improving your search rankings. Having a mobile responsive website will aid you in “getting found” by potential customers easily and enable better engagement.

Is your website mobile-optimised? Check here to find out!

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The new features of Google requires you to pay close attention to your website content and its effects on mobile users. More and more people are viewing content on the move and having mobile optimised website should be your topmost priority right now. With reduced attention time spans and a vast array of options available, you have only a few seconds  to create an impact on your searchers.

Impact of mobile-first indexing on search engine rankings:

Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones- ComScore

80% of internet users own a smartphone- Smart Insights

These stats clearly indicate the rising popularity of mobile devices and the importance of having a mobile-responsive website.  Search engine rankings would earlier not take into account mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor but the mobile-first indexing feature will surely change that!

Will there be any differences between mobile and desktop search engine results due to mobile-first indexing?

There are a few fundamental differences between the mobile and desktop search results and that impacts the first few seconds of your searcher’s experience with your website. A mobile phone has very limited screen space which allows you to focus on two or three visual elements at a time. Thus, for self storage business owners, its important to bank on this opportunity and create stunning visual impact during the first few seconds. The most critical and influential factors are the main heading , a few lines of text and visuals.

Self storage businesses need to be prepared for the changes introduced by Google, else they might lose out on search engine rankings, thus, hampering organic traffic!

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