Running a virtual agency effectively can be challenging, especially when you’re doing it all by yourself. You’re probably finding it difficult to scale your agency alone and thinking of building a team to run your virtual agency efficiently. If that is your case, then here’s all that you need in order to hire agency talent and build a successful team.

Nearly a half, or 46 percent, of organizations polled use virtual teams, according to survey results released July 13, 2012, by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

When asked why organizations use virtual teams, more than half (53 percent) of HR professionals whose organizations use virtual teams reported the need to include talent in different locations because their work is taking on a more global focus. (Source: HBR)

The late Harvard psychology professor Richard Hackman noted that it takes only 10 conversations for every person on a team of five to touch base with everyone else, but that number rises to 78 for a team of 13. (Source: HBR)

Learn here how you can set up your virtual agency team by hiring the right people and avoiding the unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the process.


1. How to Overcome the Challenges While Building Your Virtual Agency Team

One of the biggest challenge here is getting over the misconception that you have to do all your work yourself and realising that it’s okay to not do everything alone. Gradually, you’ll also realise that you and your team can carry out different tasks, as you both have unique abilities that’ll take your agency towards success.

Time zone difference is another challenge that needs to be taken care of, read how you can deal with it here!

The next challenge that you’ll face while bringing on virtual talent is training them the way your agency functions, building work processes and documenting them, and passing on the knowledge that you’ve gained over years so your virtual team can do the tasks exactly how you’ve been doing them.

One way of doing this is by conducting one-on-one training. For this, you’ll have to be in contact with them daily, which can be effective, but can be inefficient in terms of time. Better yet, get your current staff to share documents such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with the new team hires.

2. How to Discover Agency Talent That Perfectly Suits Your Requirements

Finding the right agency talent to be a part of your virtual team can be tricky. As an agency, you owe your clients to have the best people perform the tasks for them. So finding out a unique and rigid method to discover new talent is necessary.

A proven method used by many agency owners is setting up a certification program for your agency. You can set up a training course with theory & even practical tests to be held at the end.  As the training course will be based completely on the tasks you need the candidates to perform and you’ll have access to the test results as well, thus, making it easy for you to select the best out of the ones that are suitable for your agency.

You can also have this as a paid training course to be completely sure that the candidates who enrol are seriously into it from the very beginning!


3. How to Solve the Most Common Problem With Account Managers

When you have an account manager on a large account and due to some circumstances he/she happens to get out of the committee, this gives rise to a problematic situation for both, you and your clients. You must have experienced this before, but what is the solution?

The ways to deal with these kind of problems is - First, to have your accounts co-managed by a secondary account manager along with the lead account manager. Second, you can also build small teams as part of your account management department. With regular meets and talks between the teams, you can rest assured that a few managers other than the one who’s managing that particular account are also familiar with the client and their projects.


4. Things You Should Consider While Hiring Agency Talent

Now, before you actually make the hiring decision, what you should know is just choosing the ones that are skilled is not enough, but the ones that can also adhere to your business’ culture and values is the most important thing to look out for. People can learn skills but culture and values are either present or not present at all!

So, see if they can work as a team, collaborate and find innovative solutions to the problems of your clients. Also, prefer candidates that are always humble and ready to learn and improve. Learn here about the essential things to consider before making an outsourcing decision.

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