What is HubSpot?

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer” - Brian Halligan

HubSpot is an all in one marketing and sales management software that helps businesses get found by their relevant buyers. HubSpot is a great inbound marketing digital marketing, content marketing and email marketing software. This is an marketing and sales software that helps companies to attract visitors, engage with them by offering helpful information and convert them into paying customers for the lifetime. This sales automation platform offers seamless integration of all marketing and sales tactics to turn your website into a magnet of sorts for the holy grail of relevant traffic and high conversions! It empowers marketing and sales managers to build customized campaigns which are aligned to the business goals and ,thus, enabling improved business productivity. Smart alignment of the marketing and sales teams' strategies will ensure tailor-made campaigns for improved buyer engagement. And, HubSpot does just that and so much more! Else why would 34,000 customers across 90 countries trust HubSpot?

"People shop and learn in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago, so marketers need to adapt or risk extinction- Brian Halligan


How Does the Inbound Methodology Work?

Inbound methodology is a proven technique adopted by millions of marketing managers to grow their business. It operates on the “pull” strategy wherein businesses offer useful content on their website to attract relevant traffic. With the use of attractive landing pages coupled with compelling CTA’s, it guides the website visitor deeper into the buying funnel. The inbound methodology comprises of the below stages:


HubSpot CRM

As a smart marketer, our #1 priority is generating top quality marketing qualified leads or MQL’s who will eventually convert to paying customers. This is possible only when we have a clear understanding of our buyer persona. It is essential to gain insights about them and engage with them eventually guiding them deeper into the buyer’s journey and finally be able to measure our marketing strategy effectiveness. HubSpot CRM is our buddy through the entire gamut of these activities. Choosing the most appropriate CRM, is critical for the success or collapse of the marketing strategy.

It not only provides detailed insights about our buyer persona but also offers additional paid features like email sequences, book meetings, live chats etc which aligns your sales and marketing teams.These innovative features has made it a widely popular CRM and has now conquered almost 50% of the market in the business automation software sector. The best part is, it’s available for Free!

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HubSpot Marketing Automation

HubSpot provides marketing automation solutions through a powerful and easy-to-use all-in-one inbound marketing software, aimed at making a busy marketer’s life easier. Adopting the HubSpot marketing automation software has not only automate our daily marketing activities, but also helps us plan a well-defined marketing strategy with its valuable add-ons! HubSpot is ideal for all business types, focusing on improving business productivity and revenues.

 HubSpot MA Case studies CTA
Let’s take a look at the top 7  features which makes HubSpot Marketing Automation Our Top Pick:

1. HubSpot is an easy to use marketing automation tool which offers a simple interface and an user-friendly dashboard. All the relevant data is displayed for quick use by our marketing manager.

Hubspot dashboard.png


2. It offers excellent CRM integration capabilities with HubSpot CRM and this gives an exhaustive insight  to our marketing team about the customers and prospects, all in one place. The marketing team can view all interactions - chat, call, email etc for effective follow ups and lead conversions. We get to know which pages were viewed by our prospect, thus, allowing us to take necessary action. Also, we can sort them by applying custom filters of our choice to view trends.

hubspot contact.png

3. It supports Android and iOS platforms, so our marketing team can now integrate all our social media channels to it & automate postings & monitoring. We can post one message across all platforms at once or choose to customize the message for each platform and view clicks and social interactions at one place.

Hubspot - Social Media Reports.png


4. It offers excellent blogging and content management features like strategy & lead flows. It  enables us to create stunning landing pages, post blogs and email campaigns without any technical expertise. We use the pre-designed blog , landing page and email templates for quick reuse. Also, we can monitor the performance of each blog post, email and landing page and take necessary actions through HubSpot's content marketing tools. It also provides on-page SEO optimization for each blog post to help us rank for our target keywords.



Reports dashboard(3).png

5. HubSpot offers excellent built-in reporting and analysis features that help us track and analyze our marketing campaigns in real time. It includes features like sources, page analytics, landing pages, contacts, attribution reporting etc. But features like revenue are available in advanced enterprise versions only.

Reports dashboard(1).png


6. HubSpot’s basic version allows limited lead nurturing but it’s focused on list segmentation for superior lead nurturing. It provides easy to use & effective features like workflows, drip marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, lead scoring features for crafting an effective marketing strategy for us.

7. It sends automated instant notifications to our marketing manager’s phone and email about prospect activity to keep us updated about their activity. We get notified immediately when our prospect opens our email, downloads an attachment or visits a page.

By implementing the HubSpot Marketing Automation software, the need to implement separate tools for different marketing mediums like email, social media, blogs, landing pages etc has been wiped out. It’s now our go-to tool for all things marketing!



HubSpot Sales

The HubSpot Sales Automation platform helps to boost the overall sales productivity and sales prospecting, eventually driving revenues. It provides our sales teams with unique features for sales enablement in order to craft a revenue focused sales strategy, generating high quality sales qualified leads SQL’s, nurture them and finally convert them to paying customers.

Let’s take a look at the top  features which makes HubSpot Sales Automation Our Top Pick:

1. Our sales team utilizes HubSpot's email marketing features like sales email automation - Email sequences, Email Templates and Email Scheduling for timely follow up to avoid missed opportunities. Email sequences allows us to send personalized automated follow up emails to our prospects as per a decided schedule from the assigned team member(i.e if prospect doesn't reply for x days, send message A, If prospect doesn't reply for y days, send message B). The Email scheduling enables our sales team to schedule a particular date and time to send the particular email.

hubspot sequence.png

Sequences Sales Automation.png


The email templates ensure that our sales team members don't lose their precious time to draft a new email for every prospect. They use the pre-designed email templates and make only necessary customization to quickly send emails to their prospects.



2. With book meetings, we can  now send meeting invites to our prospects/customers at their suitable time and also choose the time duration along with time slot on a certain date.



3. Live chats is a very interesting feature which enables us to chat with our website visitors or prospects and also display the picture of the assigned team member for that particular prospect.



4. Sales managers can view the entire sales pipeline and deals all at one place in the workflow management software and get detailed insights about each deal to take necessary next step of action. We can create a new deal, assign new tasks or even rotate leads from one deal stage to another with a simple click and drag.

pipeline managment hubspot.png


5. We receive automated instant notifications to our phone and email about prospect activity. We get immediately notified when our prospect/customer opens our email, downloads an attachment or visits a page. With the advanced versions, you get notifications based on prospect priority i.e the prospect with the higher likelihood of conversion, the notification on the activity feed will be on top.

Activity Feed-notification-sales.png


6. Our sales persons use the calling feature to make calls directly from the browser and the best part is all details of the calls will be automatically logged into the HubSpot CRM with a single click. All interactions - calls, chats, emails etc are stored in one place enabling seamless workflows and avoids time lags in case a new sales person steps in

sales calling.png


7. Our sales manager can now craft the sales strategy and outreach based on the likelihood of lead conversion so that more time and efforts can be devoted to hot leads rather than those who may not convert. Sales team uses the workflow management software to get customized reports and dashboards about the deals for various business metrics ensuring high sales tracking /monitoring. Also, they receive detailed insights about granular metrics like CTR, email open rate etc for the purpose of lead management, to be utilized by sales team members.

After using the HubSpot sales automation tool, our sales team has noticed the following positive changes:

  • Didn't lose a deal because of missed follow-ups
  • Didn't waste time to manually add leads and opportunities in CRM
  • Called leads after sorting them to be the best fit as our buyer personas
  • No going back and forth with a prospect to finalize a meeting time
  • No need to waste time searching for shared files or last update on the deal.

Now, isn't that pretty cool? We’re sure you’ll agree!

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Sales and Marketing Alignment

Better alignment between sales and marketing helps us in acquiring customers along with maintaining existing customers. It also aids in achieving total buyer engagement and drive revenues.

Using an automation software like HubSpot, has enabled us to integrate our sales and marketing team better. This integration is valuable not only to both our teams but in terms of unified business objectives for focussed growth .

hubspot contact-1.png

The HubSpot CRM stores all contact records - all prospect and customer details at one place, thus offering both sales and marketing teams access to the database. All interactions, be it call, email or chat are also stored there, which enables both the teams to understand whether the particular lead is a qualified lead or not. The nature of conversation will give a clear indication to the marketing team as to which leads are converting to paying customers and which don't. They can accordingly work out their future marketing strategy for the future. With closed loop reporting, sales team will be able to track which leads are of high potential and interact with them accordingly.  


Instant notifications are sent when a prospect/customer visits a page, downloads an ebook or any attachment or even clicks your email. Our sales and marketing teams can analyze this data to work out a strategy together to attract the maximum relevant traffic and then work on nurturing them into paying customers for us!

It's a win-win situation for both our rockstar teams!


How HubSpot Added Value to Us at Prodigitas?

Prodigitas is a proud HubSpot agency partner based in Pune, India. We take immense pride in being part of the handful of HubSpot agency partners based in India. We’re a team of HubSpot certified marketing and sales automation specialists, who empower businesses with the superpower inbound methodology, marketing automation solutions and sales automation to improve their business productivity, thus, driving revenues!

We came across HubSpot very recently and after an extensive usage for the last few months, we can say with confidence that it definitely is the best business automation tool today.

At Prodigitas, we have witnessed an upward trajectory in our website traffic, blog visitors and social media clicks since we’ve partnered with HubSpot. We also have a better understanding of buyer personas after an exhaustive research of the target audience and our clearly defined business goals. This has enabled our sales and marketing teams to carefully design the marketing and sales strategy, aligned with the unified business objectives. Our positioning in terms of who we want to service and what are our deliverables is very well defined and focussed.

With an array of innovative features and detailed classroom trainings on diverse subjects, it surely  delivers the promise of boosting your productivity and ROI.

The in-depth classroom trainings has not only enabled us clearly define our target audience but also guided us to help our clients adopt marketing and sales automation along with improving our skills. Be it content marketing, sales, design, email marketing or how to use the inbound methodology and HubSpot- the courses teach you everything. The tests and quizzes check your credibility, before offering you a certificate of completion.

HubSpot   Learning Center.png


HubSpot has enabled us to attract organic traffic, win more clients along with improving our sales & marketing alignment and enhanced our knowledge , allowing us to focus on achieving a unified business goal.

We at Prodigitas enable modern marketers and businesses across the globe to drive growth and increase efficiency through cutting edge marketing technology, and on-demand technical services to launch, manage and measure their digital marketing engagements. Several small and medium sized businesses have multiplied ROI of their digital marketing efforts using our technology for marketing and sales teams, provided in partnership with HubSpot.

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