Wait, What! Its mid August and 2017 is half way done already! Having said that, what does the future have in store for us as Inbound Marketers? Marketing has changed radically in the last few years and will continue to surprise us with its ever evolving practices. The future of inbound marketing is pivoted by constant innovation in technology and change in buying patterns. The only constant in this rapidly changing marketplace should be your focus to offer unmatched excellence to your audience/buyers.

Here’s what we as Inbound Marketers can do to ensure that we don’t lose any inbound leads.

More Visibility and Brand Awareness

Gone are the days when people would simply choose a product/service based on advertisements or sales pitches. Buyers are now better informed and have easy access to a wide variety of choices. What does this indicate? It simply means that brand awareness is more important now than ever before. We need our audience to be able to find us easily, understand our offering better and remain loyal to us forever! Buyers will engage with only those brands with whom they can “relate to”. Seth Godin rightly said- What people want is the extra emotional bonus they get when they buy something.

What Can We Do?

Ø  Create better and detailed buyer personas

Ø  Create relevant content

Ø  Develop creative promotional campaigns

Ø  Engage with the audience across various social media platforms


Careful Analysis Of Content Before Promoting It

Carefully analyze which content marketing effort is running successfully and generating ROI and then spend your money wisely. Do not blindly spend all your money on every content plan. It is critical for inbound marketers to understand which kind of messaging engages the target audience better and improves lead generation. It is essential that we utilize the marketing budget judiciously else we will  yield no real results. Efforts must be directed with the focus to increase engagement and boost website traffic.

What Can We Do?

Ø  Conduct initial test to analyze which is the best performing content

Ø  Utilize Google analytics to monitor the content  ( check how many views , what actions are audience taking, How much time they spend on your content etc)

Ø  Create a low risk promotional give away to find out audience engagement and what kind of messaging attracts your target audience

Ø  Once you identify the best performing content, try testing different audiences, social media channels and creatives.


Build A Strong Leads Pipeline

Let’s admit it…cold calls and pop up ads are annoying and intrusive. If we want to continue our stint as successful inbound marketers in the future, we have to ensure that we design our offering in a manner that it is helpful to our audience. Create content which your audience wants to see and can easily connect with. For example if you are a FMCG giant  and part of your earnings is dedicated to building schools for underprivileged children, don’t talk about your product only. Talk about how your product is helping underprivileged children by allowing them free education and meals. This way you will be able to strike a chord with your audience and hence, build trust.

What Can We Do?

Ø  Identify relevant content and branding activity for your buyer persona

Ø   Conduct a research on few of your favourite brands in the related domain or industry. Analyse their marketing and content efforts, see what’s creating a buzz for them.

Extraordinary Visual Content

Pay attention to this stat: When you use video, you have 53 times higher likelihood of ranking on the first page of Google! Interesting, isn’t it?

The importance and usage of video as part of marketing strategy and practice has increased multifold and will continue to do so. The only speed breaker for many organizations planning to include video as part of their inbound marketing strategy is the increasing costs involved in producing a video. This is where inbound marketers needs to carefully analyze the marketing efforts and identify particular activities where a video needs to be included. Ask below questions before taking the plunge :

  1.      Is it a promotional offer for a limited time period?
  2.      Will this be useful after the promotional period?
  3.      Is it for the purpose of improved social media engagement (likes, shares, views and comments)?
  4.      Will it boost website and blog traffic and generate leads?

You can read more interesting facts and data about the importance of video in marketing here:

Evaluate your answers carefully and then work on the marketing strategy to include video visual content.

While the future of inbound marketing depends on the quality of content and branding, it has become clear to inbound marketers that there is a rising need to create a personalized, audience-friendly experience to gain and retain buyers. Let's harness the power of inbound marketing to create a better and happier marketplace! :)

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