Marketing automation is considered a game-changing technology for modern businesses. It not only reduces time and efforts by automating mundane marketing tasks but also enables improved business productivity and growth.

However, while setting up marketing automation, modern marketers often face initial challenges.

“85% of B2B marketing professionals with an active marketing automation platform feel that they’re not using them to their full potential.” This stat indicates that marketers are unable to utilize the platform to its fullest, thus, failing to capitalize the investment involved.

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Let’s take a look at the top 3 challenges faced by modern marketers while setting up Marketing automation:

Lack of clear content strategy- Are you guilty of not having a clear content strategy and definite content marketing goals in place? Well. if you do, then it’s time you fix this immediately. Without clarity in your content strategy, your marketing efforts will steer away aimlessly. Be clear about what you want to achieve by implementing marketing automation.Targeted messaging  and content for your buyer personas is critical for the success of marketing automation platform.Content should be tailor-made for your buyer personas and their stage in buyer’s journey. Send relevant offers like guides, ebooks etc and ensure that the offers are educational as well as entertaining. You will be able to develop trust and long lasting relationships with the help of relevant content.


Effective Lead Nurturing- Lead nurturing is essential for sales and marketing teams to ensure that the leads generated don't get lost at the bottom of the funnel. Generating a good amount of website traffic and leads is great but what you do with them is responsible for lead conversions and ultimately revenues. Lead nurturing is a critical ingredient for the success of any marketing automation platform. Why? It will help you “take care” and “nurture relationships” with your qualified leads who eventually become your brand evangelists/paying customers!


Sales- Marketing Alignment- Sales-marketing alignment is an essential concept that ensures the success of marketing automation. Marketing team must have clarity in terms of what kind of audience is most relevant to the business and will convert to qualified leads, so, they can craft a strategy best suited for the purpose of attracting and generating relevant and qualified leads. Whereas, sales teams can work on qualifying those leads which have a higher probability of conversion. Integrating a closed-loop reporting will ensure that marketing and sales reps both know what strategy to devise in order to achieve the business objectives and maximize revenues. It will not only improve lead conversions but also significantly improve buyer engagement, resulting in maximizing the benefits of using a marketing automation platform.


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