Salespeople spend just one-third of their day actually talking to prospects. They spend 21% of their day writing emails, 17% entering data, another 17% prospecting and researching leads, 12% going to internal meetings, and 12% scheduling calls. (Source: HubSpot)


The B2B sales automation platform helps the sales team members by automating and simplifying the entire sales process and managing the sales pipeline. It will help to nurture and score your leads more effectively, sales pipeline management and even track your ongoing sales opportunities for an efficient sales tracking system.

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Without the tool, you may miss out on an upcoming opportunity or forget to follow up with a certain prospect. But, the sales automation tool will be your friendly guide for the entire sales cycle and help you keep track of each deal stage and offers detailed insights. When integrated with marketing automation, you can be sure that your sales team is interacting with the relevant audience with the right kind of messaging, thus, improving the chances of conversion.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 sales automation tools:


HubSpot Sales: HubSpot offers a full stack of b2b sales automation tools which will improve the efficiency of sales team. It has a wide range of useful features like email tracking and sales email automation- get instant notifications when your prospect opens an email or downloads an attachment. You can also send personalized automated follow up emails through sales email automation feature, as per schedule till the time the prospect responds using the email sequences feature, book meetings as per a mutually suitable time and offer personalized chat displays for live chats. Creating and testing email outreach templates is easy and can be be effectively used for improving overall business productivity.




SalesTools: This is a powerful tool which aids the sales team with the process of lead generation and prospecting. This tool sources public data from social networks and even government records and updates lead records with latest email id/phone number. It is ideal for connecting with prospects through personalized emails at the time when the prospect is most likely to engage. Integrate it with marketing automation to get detailed insights on website traffic to engage with your prospects better.



GetResponse: It is primarily an email marketing tool but it also assists sales teams with marketing integration, segmentation of prospects, web event tracking, lead scoring and even tagging features. You can utilize it to send automated emails for sales email automation purpose, create webinars to generate leads and create landing pages for effective lead conversions.



SalesLoft: This sales automation platform is ideal for modern sales teams. It helps to create personalized emails for all prospects which enable better lead conversions and sales enablement. There is a dialing feature as well, which allows the user to make calls to the prospects. It also offers in-depth analysis which helps to craft an intelligent sales strategy for overall business productivity.



SalesForce CRM: It is a widely popular sales automation platform widely adopted by sales teams for improving sales productivity. Your salesperson can store all the relevant details of the prospect in one place for easy reference. It also offers marketing automation features for contact management, lead tracking etc and everything will be stored in one place for quick searches.



Sales Search: It is a Google Chrome extension which allows users to quickly search for information rather than the usual copy-paste style. Whenever a salesperson finds a relevant lead’s name or phone number/email id, they can right click and choose the search engine of their choice and get the details about the prospect. It’s not a full-fledged sales automation tool but it’s a useful tool for sales teams and enables time saving.

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Pipedrive: This sales and CRM tool is ideal for small sized sales teams. It enables sales teams to plan the overall sales strategy and track the leads and ongoing deals. It helps the sales people to track the sales pipeline for effective follow-ups and avoid any missed opportunities. It allows you to drive better conversions and improved revenues.




LeadFuze:  This time saving sales automation tool allows your sales team to automate all sales related tasks- lead general and outreach. It will collect all the data relevant to your lead and store it in one place, thus, saving your time and efforts and ensuring an effective sales monitoring system. Their Google Chrome extension enables the salespersons to find contact information easily and add the leads as per segmented lists.




SalesSeek: It is popular sales and CRM tool for B2B businesses and their sales teams. You can track your leads through each stage of the sales funnel and see the complete details of each prospect. It creates visualization for each prospect, enabling the user to take well-informed decisions about each deal and close deals more effectively.

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GetBase: It’s a  powerful yet very effective sales and CRM tool offering useful features like lead tracking, sales management and customer monitoring. It also provides a custom lead scoring feature so that you can send personalized emails or make calls to your prospects when they’re most likely to engage. It also offers details analysis and insights about each prospect. It also offers sales forecasting features along with detailed reporting which helps you craft your sales strategy and revenue estimate.



Which is the Best Sales Automation Platform?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. But choosing the best sales automation tool for your business must take into consideration a number of factors- size of business, sales strategy, sales team size and composition, target audience, business objectives, etc.

Once you're done selecting the right sales automation tool for your business, here are 5 things that you need to do to implement sales automation efficiently.


An analysis of more than 2,200 American companies found those who attempted to reach leads within an hour were nearly seven times likelier to have meaningful conversations with decision makers than those who waited even sixty minutes- HubSpot


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