With the advent of a new year, sales and marketing leaders are busy planning which marketing strategy will work best for them, which automation tool should they adopt and what’s new for 2018! To make your life easier, I’ve shortlisted this week’s 6 must read marketing automation blogs!

Drive more ROI with the right marketing automation tool

There’s a plethora of marketing automation vendors, all claiming the #1 spot in the race. But how would you decide which marketing automation tool is best suited for your business type and budget. It is essential to take into consideration your business objectives, marketing strategy, budget and industry type to make the most of your marketing automation tool.

Take a look at this infographic to find out 5 simple steps to adopt when finalizing your marketing automation tool.

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B2B Sales and Marketing Leaders Predict an Increased Impact of Consultative Selling, Targeting Ideal Customers, and AI to Play Key Roles in 2018

According to a recent study by InsideView, sales and marketing teams will witness a radical transformation in how B2B solutions will be marketed and sold in 2018. About 500 sellers and marketers agreed on - “Sellers will become more consultative and less transactional” and  “Companies become laser focused on their ideal customers versus ‘anyone with a pulse’.

Read this blog to learn about the predictions related to sales and marketing for 2018.


What's Keeping SMBs Away from Marketing Automation Adoption?

Marketing managers of several small and mid-sized businesses still shy away from marketing automation. According to a recent report by ActiveCampaign, 41% of US small-business marketers surveyed for the December 2017 felt that marketing automation is beyond their reach. A host of reasons were cited as the driving factor to avoid marketing automation, ranging from lack of technical expertise to no awareness.

Read this blog to find out the top 11 reasons why SMB marketers aren’t using marketing automation yet.


Find out which marketing automation tool is best for your business

To qualify as a great marketing automation tool, the platform must possess the following features:

  • Automate emails, social media posts, SMS, and digital ads
  • Allow segmentation of target audience for marketing campaigns
  • Connect with prospects after specific actions or a certain period of time

There are numerous marketing automation platforms offering the similar features with an additional feature or two. But would you know, which is ideal for your business and help you achieve the holy grail of relevant traffic, lead conversion and revenues?

Read this blog to learn about the top 10 marketing automation tools and choose wisely.

The State of Marketing Attribution and Measurement: Do You Measure Up?

It is essential to have the right tools that help marketers to measure the impact of their work, yet  only a handful of marketers use marketing automation tools. The majority of marketers continue to rely on spreadsheets, which offers no specific metrics for the marketing campaigns. Implementing the right measurement techniques can be helpful not just to your business but also to your job. It will help you determine the next course of action and make necessary changes in your marketing strategy, to make it a success

Take a look at this infographic to learn more about the state of marketing attribution and determine how your company measures up.


Data Is Cooler Than You Think. Here's What Marketers Need to Know About It Today.

Data is important to marketers and to their marketing strategy and campaigns, than ever before! With the advent of the mighty internet and complex AI techniques, it essential to present results in measurable terms to signify the success of a marketing strategy or campaign. This will enable marketers to craft better marketing campaigns, customized for their buyer personas, thus, building trust. Also, data is the driving force for AI(artificial intelligence) and AI enabled marketing technology is the future for all marketers.

Read this blog on the importance of data for marketers.

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