A few weeks ago I was watching an orchestra performance on YouTube. One of those where many musicians perform together in harmony to create a symphony which is heaven to your ears, I am sure you know what I mean. At the helm of it is the conductor waving his baton and hundreds of musicians playing in sync with it. While I was watching the performance, a sudden thought came to my mind: What if the synchrony between the players and the conductor is disturbed? What if few of the musicians suddenly stop playing their instrument? What if they rush or drag? You are correct, the performance will hamper and the show will be a flop.

If I may dare to create an analogy, the conductor happens to be your Adwords campaign and the group of musicians together is your landing page. Each musician represents critical constituents which make up a dynamic landing page responding in best possible manner to the baton held and waved by Adwords campaign.

We are going to discuss the musicians...Wait...I mean those constituent factors, which when individually perform well, make up a super awesome landing page creating music and delighting the users visiting through your Adwords campaign. This post is sequel to the previous post Learn How Your Landing Page Actually Impacts Performance of Your Adwords Campaign, and I would recommend you to read it first. For those who have already read it, let’s start the music:

We have divided the ideas in three segments: Content, user experience and conversion rate, so that we understand what we can do to improve the quality of these factors thus improving Adwords campaign performance.


I remember hearing: content is the king, well yes, it sure is, as long as it is relevant. It is the content which summarizes and highlights what business is all about and what products and services it offers. For a user landing on your page via an Adwords ad, the relevancy is of utmost importance.

1. The product / service specifications

Make sure the features of products/services mentioned in your Adwords ad match with that mentioned on the landing page. Going backwards from your landing page through Adwords ad to the query entered by the user, it becomes critical to connect these three dots of customer journey (Couldn’t resist borrowing this phrase from last blog post) so that the visitors get exactly what they are looking for.

In case you are not running advertisement for specific product/service, you can mention the USPs of your business such as ‘over 30 years of expertise’ or ‘serving 30 of Fortune 100 companies’. To enforce the relevancy it is important that you have similar content mentioned and also (Read next point):

2. Have evidences available/ transparency

Carrying over from the previous point, to raise the relevancy factor it is important to provide evidences for the USPs mentioned in your Adwords ads. One example could be quality assurance certificates such as ISO, which can be highlighted in your ad. Also having the customer list and testimony available on your landing page speaks volumes about your claims to have worked for elite and renowned clients. Ensure that your website content has enough information supporting transparency between your ad and landing page.

3. Never ever mention the special promotions different from that on LP

This; yes, this is the deal breaker, quite literally. Regardless of how attractive, user friendly and comprehensive your website is, if your offer on landing page differs from that mentioned in the advertisement, it impacts customer experience severely. Last thing a website visitor wants is to realize that the discount you promised in your ad was just click bait and no such offer exists or rather exists with limiting terms and conditions. Bad, very bad. Keep your offer consistent across Adwords ads and landing page so that It enforces the reliability and also leads to better conversion rate.

User experience

Next factor that impacts a good landing page and Adwords performance is the user experience. Landing page user experience depends on how smooth interaction the website provides to a visitor.

4. Bounce rate

Here, I said it! The foremost metric to look at when it comes to landing page experience. As per Google Analytics, Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by all sessions, or the percentage of all sessions on your site in which users viewed only a single page and triggered only a single request to the Analytics server.

A higher bounce rate for visitors from Adwords can be a trouble. One of the critical reasons behind the higher bounce rate could be slow site speed. A page taking more time to open can make visitor run out of patience and thus end the session. A poor bounce rate is detrimental to quality score of your Adwords campaign and hence can impact your quality score.

Do a site speed analysis and check how the user experience rates for your landing page. It will be helpful to pitch in website experts in order to make your landing page full proof and rectify any technical glitches.

5. User navigation

For a landing page that has subsequent pages containing different services’ information or pricing information, it is important that navigation to these pages is smooth. For this, mention the links to webpages to relative services or pricing details on the landing page. For e.g. mention the link to page dedicated for mobile covers on a landing page selling mobiles, or mention link to free PPC audit package on a page describing how important it is to audit the PPC campaigns performance frequently. This ensures a quick navigation to relevant pages and exactly when it is needed.

6. The omnipresent form fill

Of course our ultimate aim is to make the user convert on the landing page and hence one should make sure the conversion avenues on your landing page are clearly visible, comprehensive and easy to respond. If  your landing page has other relative web pages, ensure that your lead generating windows such as enquiry forms, enquiry contact number, subscribe buttons, email registration forms are present on most of the pages so that the visitors don’t lose the sight of them. This doesn’t mean to clutter the website with only forms but to ensure that they are not missing from the places which are opportunities to generate leads.

Also make sure CTA mentioned in the Adwords ad copy matches with CTA on the landing page, so that uniformity in the messaging across ad and site is maintained.

Conversion rate

And now for that part of the symphony which makes you feel ecstatic: Conversion rate! Conversion rate depends on how the landing page holds a visitor’s hand and nicely walks him through the conversion funnel. Even if this sounds poetic, it is exactly how a visitor should be directed to improve the conversion rate further.

7. Do not forget to mention special promotions and USPs

Again, borrowing from last segment (I know, I know I am doing a lot of borrowing!) if your business provides special promotions or value added services, do not hesitate to mention them in your Adwords advertisement. Ensuring they are present on the landing page, makes it easy for most of users searching for our services to be aware of it and avail it. It also helps brand recall and makes your brand graduate to 'preference' stage of buying cycle as the user now knows that your business provides offers and value added services.

8. Create multiple landing pages.

If your business has services which can be marketed separately to separate target customers it makes sense to create dedicated landing pages for each of such services. For example if your business provides Adwords management, SEO and Landing page design services, it will be beneficial to create separate landing page for each, highlighting specific features and hence leading to distinct and better conversion rate.

This also helps to bring specificity and hence relevancy which directly results in improvement of quality score of your campaigns. Having separate landing page minimizes length of customer journey and hence speeds up the conversion process.

9. Use a common landing page for special offers

If your business is running multiple promotional offers or single offer on multiple segments of products, you can create a separate landing page dedicated for offers only. This will create relevancy between your Adwords messaging and the offers on landing page. It will also relieve the searcher of landing on home page and labour of navigating to specific offer page. This is a great opportunity to focus on the promotional offers as a campaign with specially designed and attractive landing page for same.

Note that although there are many more intricate ideas to improve the relationship between the Adwords campaign and landing page, the basic one is to maintain a good degree of relevancy throughout the customer journey and to ensure the customer is encouraged to complete a goal through a supporting website content and user experience.

If you want us to perform a comprehensive audit to check if your Adwords account and landing page are happily married or not, get in touch!

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