Nearly two thirds of companies surveyed (63%) expect to realize the benefits of their marketing automation system within six months of implementation-Ascend2 Marketing Automation Trends Survey

What about the rest 37% ? Either they are not using the marketing automation platform to its fullest potential or are adopting faulty practices while using the tool.

Modern marketers are aware of the rising need of incorporating marketing automation in their ongoing or future marketing strategy and planning. It will not only help them automate their mundane marketing activities but also help to track and analyze the performance of various marketing campaigns.

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Let’s take a look at the top 5 marketing automation mistakes, that marketers must avoid:

Lack of clear strategy and planning- Did you plunge into the marketing automation platform without a clear strategy and focus? If your answer is affirmative, we suggest you take a step back. Starting out without concrete planning will not lead you to your desired business goals, thus, yielding no real gains.


Not setting SMART goals- Have you set SMART goals for your business ? Are you clear about what you want to achieve by implementing marketing automation? Goal setting is essential for marketers so that they can steer their strategy and planning to achieve the desired business objectives.


Poor sales-marketing alignment- This is crucial for the success of any marketing automation platform. It is essential that your marketing and sales teams are on the same page for successful streamlining of all business processes. Unless there is synergy between the teams there will be missed opportunities, follow up on irrelevant leads, two people calling the same lead etc. Use the marketing automation tool to access the contacts database and make wise decisions on lead nurturing and follow up.


Sending too many emails- Are many of your prospects/clients opting out of your emailers? Probably,you’re sending too many emails to your them or they’re not relevant and personalized. Let’s admit it, we ourselves hate annoying email bombardment. Then why do the same to our potential customers? Use the marketing automation tool to send automated yet personalized emails to your prospects and ensure a healthy lead nurturing.


Irrelevant content- Targeted messaging for your buyer personas is critical. Content should be tailor-made for your buyer personas and their stage in buyer’s journey. Send relevant offers like guides, ebooks etc so that it helps them and solves their problems. Develop trust and long lasting relationships with the help of useful content.

The top pain for 73% of marketing automation platform users is maintaining the right personnel to execute effectively. Aberdeen

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