Lead gone cold? How often have you lost business and thought “If only I could respond faster!”

Leads don’t come easy. As a digital marketer, every lead is worth its weight in gold. Afterall, for every prospect you are literally competing against thousands of agencies and freelancers. Today, most decent providers will have decent portfolios (real or made up). How does one differentiate to get more business?

Lead the lead

Leads are priceless. Every lead needs careful nurturing to help go from warm to hot and from thereon to convert into a paying customer. Be helpful. At every step along the way, you need to gain the lead’s trust and lead them through the buying process.

Fastest off the blocks

Pronto. Be the fastest, hopefully the first, to get the prospect hooked. Respond swiftly with an email and a set of questions. Show that you are eager to win business. Follow up with a call / email to get responses to your questions. Don’t over do it, though! Give the prospect some breathing space and time to digest what you need.

Once you have a clear idea of what your prospect needs, you can move on to create a proposal.

Perfection does not come overnight

Every customer is different and every digital marketing campaign is different. Unless you follow a cookie cutter approach for all customers, you will not come up with a perfect proposal at the first go. From my experience, every meaningful proposal goes through 2-3 iterations, on an average, before you start talking final numbers. Bigger the proposal, longer it takes.

Send a first level introductory proposal

ASAP. Hours, not days. Create a standard template that outlines your approach, services and pricing that you can send to your prospects in a matter of hours (if not minutes). For someone who is serious about availing your services, and I say this from my experience, it’s wonderful to receive a quick quote. You can say a lot of things in this initial proposal, without revealing a lot. Stuff like how you approach a campaign, processes you follow, your team profile, indicative pricing etc. These give the prospect a good idea of what you can offer and at what price point and gives them sufficient food for thought.

The other advantage of sending out a first level proposal is to weed out non-serious enquiries.

Follow up

As always, don’t overdo it. Breathe. Relax. Give your prospect time. Time your follow up right.

More often than not, your prospect will have additional questions. Maybe, they need something from your proposal added / deleted. You can sense the lead hotting up :)

Make the changes necessary and submit the revised proposal. Barring other minor changes, serious buyers would make up their minds at this stage.

What next?

Unless your hot lead suddenly disappears (yes, that does happen!), get ready to start talking numbers and prepare to deliver!

Here’s something that might help

Next time you have someone enquiring for your PPC service, try out our well defined PPC proposal template. We’ve found this to work with several prospects for our PPC service. Hope you find it helpful too.

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