If your PPC proposal is converting every lead into a paying customer then you are good to go. But if not then these tips are surely for you! To win more & more PPC clients you need to have an effective way of coming up with your proposal.


1.  Initial Consulting:

First step is to ask relevant questions to leads to understand their needs in detail. Try & acquire as much information as possible about your lead, their product/services, target audience, etc so that your proposal is bang on point.

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This initial consultation of asking these questions and getting the relevant information from your lead before starting your first draft of the PPC proposal will take you places.


2.  Initial Research:

Start with a initial ground level research based on the information that your lead has provided you. Determine what should be the campaign type which suits your lead’s campaign objective. Do the keyword research and based on that come up with the sample ad copies which are specific to your lead. As you are PPC experts it won’t take you more than 10 mins but this personalized ad copies will help your lead relate & connect in a better way.

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This will also help you to give perfect recommendations for the campaign strategy. The more you research about the lead,the better your proposal will get & it will stand out from the competitors.


3.  Writing Customized Proposal:

Here is the deal: The tone of your proposal needs to be personal. We understand most of us have a standard format which we follow for every proposal but customization is must in the places like sample ads that directly speak about lead’s products/services & offers.

Seek every opportunity to customize your proposal to your prospect’s business with specific strategies and tactics that will help them accomplish their business objectives.  

Be transparent in the way you communicate & include the services, timing, investment, and any assumptions/dependencies. This proposal will be the first point of your contact with the lead which may follow a contract, so be specific to avoid any confusion, delay, and missed expectations.

4.  Showing Them The Numbers:

The best way to hook a lead is by showing them the stats that matter!

For example: It would be exciting for them to know that 64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online. (WordStream, 2016). Also tell them how you can achieve these numbers with the expertise you have in PPC.

You can show them stats based on what strategy you are suggesting them & based on the particular needs of the clients. You can find some useful marketing statistics here.


5.  Keeping It Simple:

As discussed above it is good to show them the numbers but limit the amount of hard data you throw at them to only the ones that are useful for the lead at this initial stage. Remember not to make the proposal too overwhelming for your lead & don’t subject them to an avalanche of jargon and numbers.

Focus on only two or three key metrics – the ones that relate directly to their current marketing goals – so you can explain them in detail and in appropriately simplified terms.

Good luck with your proposal!

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